How often do you wash your water bottles? 

Reusable water bottles are a great way to carry our drinking water around with us every day and are a far better alternative when compared to single-use plastic bottles, which cause huge disposal and waste issues. However, not many of us pay much attention to keeping the insides of our bottles clean. Is regularly washing our bottles, which only ever contain water, even that important?

According to testing done by Eurofins EMLab P&K, which is one of North America’s leading laboratories for analysing microbe-containing samples, water bottles carry a worryingly large number of germs and are only slightly cleaner than the average toilet seat. This can be explained by the fact that moist environments, such as the inside of a water bottle, provide the perfect breeding grounds for the growth of bacteria. During each sip, bacteria and food from our mouth can also get transported to the bottle, which will then stay in the water. As a result, most experts agree that you must wash your wattle bottle with soap every single day. But in today’s fast-paced world where time is limited, washing your bottle every day might well not be possible. Therefore, it is necessary to own the right water bottle, one that can protect you and the water you drink without the need for daily cleaning.

Nanosafe’s AqCure range of bottles are made with smart copper release technology, which not only keeps water safe from microbe build-up for up to 10 days, but also nourishes the water with copper, which is an essential micronutrient for the human body. Owning this bottle, you can go about your day safe in the knowledge that the water you drink is clean and healthy and is actively fighting any germs that might be present within.

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